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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Participants needed for Argosy University Dissertation Research!!! Check out below!

Dear Secondary School Counselor,

You are invited to participate in a brief, online survey, regarding your perceptions about student

caseload assignment models and school counselor stress. This research is being conducted by

Tracy Crutchfield, who is a student in the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences College at

Argosy University Online working on a dissertation. This study is a requirement to fulfill the

researcher’s degree and will not be used for decision-making by any organization.

The title of this study is The Impact of Student Caseload Assignment Model on Secondary

School Counselor Job Stress.

• The purpose of this study is to examine secondary school counselors’ perceptions regarding the

impact of student caseload assignment models on job stress.

• You are being asked to be in this study because you are an actively practicing secondary school

counselor in Florida.

• A total of 400 people have been asked to participate in this study.

• If you agree to be in this study, you will be asked to complete a brief survey about your

perceptions of student caseload assignment models and job stress.

• This study will take 10 – 15 minutes to complete.

• The risks associated with this study are minimal to none. Some participants may experience

some anxiety when answering questions about job stress; however, no serious risks are


• The benefits of participation are minimal to none. There will be no direct or immediate

personal benefits from your participation in this study, except for the contribution to the study.

For the professional audience, the potential benefit of this research may provide additional

knowledge to the literature on secondary school counselor assignment models and secondary

school counselor job stress.

• You will receive no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for participating in this study.

• The information you provide will be treated confidentially, and because responses are being

collected anonymously, no one will be able to identify you or associate your responses with you

or your employer.

• The records of this study will be kept private. No identifiers linking you to the study will be

included in any sort of report that might be published.

• The records will be stored securely and only Tracy Crutchfield will have access to the records.

• You have the right to get a summary of the results of this study if you would like to have them.

You can get the summary by contacting Tracy Crutchfield at

• Please understand that your participation is strictly voluntary. If you do not participate, it will

not harm your relationship with Tracy Crutchfield or Argosy University. If you decide to

participate, you can refuse to answer any of the questions that may make you uncomfortable.

You can withdraw your participation at any time without your relations with your job or Argosy

University being affected.

• You can contact Tracy Crutchfield ( and Megan Swisher

( with any questions about this study.

I understand that this study has been reviewed and certified by the Institutional Review Board,

Argosy University Online. For problems or questions regarding participants' rights, I can contact

the Institutional Review Board Chair, Dr. Nancy Hoover at

I have read and understand the information explaining the purpose of this research and my rights

and responsibilities as a participant. By clicking on the web link below, I consent to voluntarily

participate in this research, according to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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