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Friday, October 12, 2012

High school rigor and good advice: Setting up students to succeed (At a glance)

The demand for workers with a college education is growing faster than the supply of graduates.  By 2018, we will have produced 3 million fewer college graduates than the labor market demands (Carnevale, 2010).  President Obama has further set a national goal to produce 8 million more graduates by 2020 in order to make the United States the world leader in college attainment.

One way to get there is to prevent the students who enter college from leaving before they earn a credential. Results vary between institutions, but in 2009 only 57.8 percent of students attending four-year colleges graduated in less than six years, and just 32.9 percent of those in two-year institutions graduated in three years (Knapp, 2012).  But suppose 90 percent of our current freshmen persisted to a credential. That alone would produce an additional 3.8 million graduates by 2020 -- enough to meet the labor market’s needs in this decade and nearly halfway toward meeting the President’s goal.

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