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Friday, October 08, 2010

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online

Net Cetera - OnGuard Online

The Net Cetera Community Outreach Toolkit is online at, and will be available for free from some time next week.  I hope you'll check it out, especially the videos.  If you ordered from our site in the past and opted-in for more information, we'll send you a kit automatically.  Thank you very much to the many members of the Youth Risk Online discussion groups who contributed thoughts, edits and research to the process of developing the toolkit!  You helped make it what it is.  We've distributed well over 5 million copies of the Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online guide, and the toolkit is a great addition to the program.  Our press release on the toolkit is at  Here's more info:  The Federal Trade Commission – the nation’s consumer protection agency – and its partners in the project produced the Net Cetera Community Outreach Toolkit to help you reach members of your community with important information about helping kids stay safe online. The toolkit includes Net Cetera, a guide for parents; Heads Up, information for kids; presentation slides and notes; videos for parents and for kids; and ideas to help you spread the word about being safe online, with practical information about cyberbullying, texting, file-sharing and using mobile phones. All the materials are in English and Spanish on the enclosed CD and DVD.  The toolkit materials are free and in the public domain.  We encourage you to use them during a classroom presentation, community gathering or PTA meeting, and to spread the word by using the information in a newsletter or on your website, ordering free copies of Net Cetera and Heads Up for your neighborhood school from, or sharing the toolkit with colleagues and community leaders.  We hope you’ll take a look at the toolkit at netcetera, and contact us at  if you have any questions.  Thank you! - Nat Wood, FTC,   

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