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Thursday, October 30, 2014

FSCA 2014 Convention: Updated Exhibitor & Sponsor Information

THANK YOU to all of FSCA's amazing sponsors and exhibitors at this year's convention. Please see updated information for some of our sponsors below.

CareerThesaurus is a simple and effective Career Assessment platform which offers people of all ages their Education and Employment options based on their psychological test results. Simply put, career|thesaurus maps an individual's Personality Traits and Natural Preferences to various Occupations where such attributes are important, in order to achieve a balance between a Successful Career and Happy Life. Try out our free assessment and career guidance tools at
 2014 sponsor operationhedgehog
Operation Hedgehog: Civility for the 21st Century is a curriculum like no other.  More than manners... more than character building ... more than inspiring books for kids to read. It is all these things in one with a huge bonus.  Operation Hedgehog educates hearts... which in turn will revolutionize school environments... which in turn will then spill over into communities.
The Operation Hedgehog Formula encompasses 3 main elements:
  • learning and practicing manners for the modern world including cyberspace
  • reading and evaluating aspirational books from best-selling peers
  • performing acts of kindness
Each of these 3 elements stands on it's own merit.  Each strengthens character in young people and adults, but together they transform, inspire, and grow hearts that care for others.
Students dare to dream of a better future, and learn to contribute to make it so.
Catch the wave of change. It will be fun and rewarding to bring civility into the 21st Century. Students will discover true happiness comes as they acquire the tools, skills and hearts they need to confidently pursue all of their dreams and help others along the way. Click here to learn more...

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