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Monday, August 27, 2012

Florida School Counseling Students: Convention Opportunity

August 2012
Dear Florida School Counseling Students:

Here is a PERFECT opportunity to showcase your work and introduce yourself to professional school counselors around the state. Additionally, you can gain valuable knowledge about the job search process.
I am writing on two accounts:

1. There is a session on November 2, Friday afternoon of the FSCA Convention, designed for school counseling students. This session will address all the points of a job search from tips on resume writing, to how to land that interview, interviewing suggestions, and then what is it like that first year in a position. A panel of administrators, and practicing school counselors at each level will talk about the job search and answer your questions.

               2. Also on this same Friday, FSCA is spotlighting graduate students in the Graduate Student Poster Sessions. Here is a golden opportunity to showcase your work and what you know and can do by presenting a poster session. Last year a number of graduate students presented a poster session, and the feedback of their experiences was highly positive. Presenting is a wonderful opportunity to gain valuable professional experience, contribute to the profession (which can be noted on your resume), network with professional school counselors from across our state, and learn more about the profession of school counseling. Overall, this is a win-win proposition!

If you are wondering what exactly a poster session is -- this is a 60 minute program set up similar to a traditional science fair. You will set up in a room with all presenters and each presenter will have a table to display materials about your topic. You would want to provide handouts and display your project on a tri-fold board. Participants will stop by your table to view your display and ask questions about your topic. Poster sessions are interactive, less formal than a content session, and allow you to have a conversation with each person who stops at your table. As for what to present -- you more than likely have a multitude of projects from this past year’s courses that you can select from to develop a poster session proposal. This might be data results from a project in the schools, a research study, an advocacy project, or a curriculum you presented…NO need for a new project! Use what you have accomplished. Team with a classmate on this poster presentation.. You don’t have to do this solo. 
The 2012 FSCA Convention is spotlighting our Florida Graduate Students from preparation programs in the state by designating this year’s poster session for Graduate Students. So come, represent your program, present your knowledge and skills, and meet other students and practicing school counselors from across the state. This is YOUR time to display and share the great work you have done this year.
You can submit a proposal up to September 7.  

Below is the description for how to submit a proposal. If you have questions or comments, or I may be of assistance, please contact me at

I look forward to meeting you at the Convention in St. Pete and I am excited about the prospect of learning from your presentations.

Rebecca A. Schumacher
FSCA President- Elect

Registration and Convention Information

Submit electronic proposals and a resume for the primary presenter by September 7, 2012. Proposals of a political, marketing, or for-profit nature will NOT be accepted.
Proposals are easily submitted online at