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Thursday, September 23, 2010

FSCA 2010 Convention Presenters and Sessions

Use FSCA's 123 signup system to register for the convention, preconvention workshops, and the awards banquet. The system makes it as easy as 123! Register now. Need extra tickets to the awards banquet? Click here. Hotel information, click hereSchedule at a glance.
The most focused program in school counseling in Florida, the 2010 FSCA Convention will be delivered by thoughtful leaders from Florida and throughout the United States. The hottest and most relevant topics will be explored by leading industry advocates, state officials, counselor educators and, most importantly, professional school counselors!

Transitioning from Graduate Student to Professional
School Counselor: Tips for Success

Dr. Carolyn Berger, Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University
Presentation will focus on realistic steps to set-up and implement the ASCA National Model and on simple measures expected to yield data-driven results. Additional topics include suitable content for initial in-service training for school personnel and how to combat negative myths related to the school counseling profession.
Using ACT Data to Drive Student Success in Florida
Ms. Ginger Green, Consultant
Florida’s 2010 EXPLORE, PLAN, and ACT results revealed...learn how to use this data for informed decision making. Hot topics: College and Career Readiness; how to impact your school’s grade; End-of-Course assessments; and best practices in Florida. Program updates, navigating the website, and where to find free resources also addressed.
Eight Elements of Effective School Counselor-Principal Relationships
Dr. Chris Janson, Assistant Professor
University of North Florida
Ms. Sarah Lorwa, Graduate Student
University of North Florida
Mr. Michael McNamara, Graduate Student
University of North Florida
Effective school counselor-principal relationships can enhance the individual work of educators and serve as a foundation for shared leadership focused on school improvement. Presenters will discuss the Eight Elements of Effective School Counselor-Principal Relationships with an emphasis on specific strategies school counselors can use to build these relationships.
Creating Compelling Charts: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Dr. Russell Sabella, Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
School counselors, administrators, and other educators are compelled to make data-driven decisions, monitor student achievement, and communicate results. Initiatives such as the ASCA National Model and RtI include these as critical components of an overall school counseling program. This training will show participants how charts are created and customized.
Sow's Ear into Silk-Purse: Transforming Duty-Time into Counseling Moments
Mr. Adam Summeralls, Professional School Counselor, Polk County / Kathleen Middle School
Mrs. Lorraine (Tilly) Fettke, Professional School Counselor, Polk County / Kathleen Middle School
Ms. Kelly Hupp, Professional School Counselor, Polk County / Kathleen Middle School
The ASCA National Model states school counselors should spend a majority of their time in direct contact with students. Lunch duty, resource teacher, discipline, attendance, and test coordination are all non-counselor assignments given to school counselors. This presentation will give counselors strategies for transforming non-counseling tasks into counseling contact time.
Governor's Five Year Plan to Support Adoptive Families
Ms. Kathleen Waters, Adoption Program and Policy Manager with Department of Children a, Office of Family Safety at Headquarters
The Office of Adoption and Child Protection, under the Executive Office of the Governor, recently published a Five-Year Plan to promote and support adoptive parents. One of the strategies states that Florida will increase the number and accessibility of adoption competent educational professionals via attendance and participation in adoption competency training provided by the Department of Children and Families.
Ready For Success: Helping Students in Grades 2-3 Succeed
Dr. Linda Webb, Associate Professor
Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Elizabeth Villares, Assistant Professor
Florida Atlantic University
Learn more about a structured, school counselor led, classroom intervention developed for use with students in grades 2 and 3. Take away skills and strategies that support academic and personal growth and can be used to help all students become more effective learners.
Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Update
Ms. Helen Lancashire, School Counseling Consultant, Student Support Services Project/USF/Florida DOE
Ms. Lori Auxier, Director of Outreach Services, Office of Student Financial Assistance, Florida Department of Education
School counseling includes an obligation to serve ALL students, advocacy, and accountability. Information on current initiatives and legislation supporting schools’ efforts to increase the number of students who graduate "college and career ready" will be presented. Resources provided by the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OFSA) will be showcased also.
Working with Social Isolates
Dr. Ron Anderson, Vice President, SELmedia
Children lacking social skills are often isolated from their peers and at risk for negative outcomes. Participants can expect to learn about core supports children need from peers to succeed in school. Counselors can expect to learn practical ideas about how to structure social skills groups and measure their effectiveness.
Get WIRED to Your Future with CHOICES and!
Ms. Melissa Benson, Field Training Coordinator, / Florida Department of Education
Ms. Margaret "Peggy" Land, Program Specialist IV, Adult and Career Planning / Florida Department of Education
Learn strategies/updates to help your students HOOK UP with computer-based resources that actively engage them in career and academic planning. They can get CONNECTed to information about themselves, educational opportunities, and careers with Florida CHOICES. They can also PLUG into with proactive planning for their future.
Starlight Cove Ambassadors: Stopping Mistreatment on the School Campus
Mr. Michael C. Kane, School Counselor, Palm Beach / Starlight Cove Title I Elementary
Mistreatment (bullying, physical mistreatment and exclusion) poses a serious problem to school climate. Even though school staff has an important role to play in preventing and addressing mistreatment, students hold real power to intervene on campus. Starlight Cove Ambassadors are trained to identify and intervene in cases of mistreatment.
ASCA Model: The Principal's Perspective
Mrs. Janell Leatherman, School Counselor, Palm Beach County/ Emerald Cove Middle School
Dr. Nancy Lucas, Principal, Palm Beach County/Emerald Cove Middle School
Mrs. Melody Hammer, School Counselor, Palm Beach County/Emerald Cove Middle School
Dr. Lucas has been a principal at two schools recognized as ASCA National Model Programs. Session provides strategies to assist counselors and principals with implementing the National Model. Session specifically addresses gaining support for comprehensive school counseling programs by utilizing data to gain support for key stakeholders.
Passport To Peace Program
Dr. Ana Maria Leon, Elementary Guidance Counselor, Wilton Manors Elementary/Broward
This award winning Character Education Program leads students through character traits and facilitates their development as caring, peaceful shareholders in the school and responsible citizens in the world. Presentation includes a program overview, giving the participants creative and practical ideas to implement in schools to promote a positive school climate.
A Sustainable Counseling Initiative for 9th Grade Success
 - Year Two

Mr. Jim MacGregor, Lead Counselor
ISTEP Project, The School District of Osceola County
Ms. Melissa Cooper, Transition Counselor
The School District of Osceola County
Ms. Karen Leininger, Transition Counselor
The School District of Osceola County
Ms. Michele Reed, Transition Counselor, The School District of Osceola County
The ISTEP Grant is a 3 year project funded by USDOE which began in August 2008. Learn best practices for reducing 8th and 9th grade retention through transition services that are sustainable and focused.

Back to the Basics: Solution Focused Brief Counseling
Dr. Sejal Parikh, Assistant Professor, University of North Florida
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) aligns neatly with the profession of school counseling. Benefits include the length of time, focus on goal setting, and allowing students to take responsibility for their plan of action. This session will provide an overview of SFBT and how can be useful in all school levels.
Kicked to the Curb: Successful Post-Secondary Placement for ALL Students
Ms. Janice Tkaczyk, Director Counselor and Academic Relationships, Universal Technical Institute
How many of your graduates successfully complete post-secondary education? We will examine recent statistics on post-secondary completion and learn follow-up strategies for immediate implementation. Participants will engage in a problem-solving activity and apply solutions to real-world school counseling situations. All will receive a data-driven follow-up program template.
Preparing Students to Transition to the Florida College System
Ms. Amy Albee, Coordinator of Outreach and Access, FL Department of Education-Division of Florida Colleges
Presentation will provide school counselors with a wealth of information and resources necessary to successfully prepare students for transition into the Florida College System (formerly the Florida Community College System). Topics covered include new legislation, dual enrollment, admissions, placement testing, financial aid, and special student populations.
Emotional Literacy in the Young Child
Dr. Ron Anderson, Vice President, SELmedia
Recent research shows how educators can teach emotional literacy to young children. Participants can expect to learn how to incorporate this new information into programs with children in grades K-2. Counselors should take away practical tools for classroom guidance, small group work, and individual counseling.
The Future of Service Learning
Mr. Scott Fore, Manging Partner, SweatMonkey
Mr. Wesley Barnett, Director of Strategic Planning, Polk® is designed to cultivate service learning, community service, and civic engagement by empowering students to enact change in their communities. Using dynamic social media tools to connect students with organizations,® provides a FREE searchable database of volunteer and intern opportunities.
Bullying: Preventing It Before It Kills One More StudentDr. Lorna Harrison, Chief Operating Officer, The Trevor Romain Company
Bullying is pervasive throughout the country. The bullying of old no longer exists. It's no longer, "Oh, that's just kids." The pervasiveness of bullying makes words deadly and students are killing themselves. This session provides strategies, tactics, and tools to prepare entire campuses to be pro-active in anti-bullying actions.
Aligning Yourself For Leadership
Mrs. Tabbatha Morris, School Counselor, Duval County Public Schools/ Darnell-Cookman
Mrs. LeAnn Pollard, Exceptional Education/ Student Services Support Team, Duval County Public Schools/ EE/SS Department K-5 South
Explore leadership traits and skills necessary for school counselors wanting to maximize their counseling programs. Learn how school counselors can utilize the leadership to improve student advocacy skills. This leadership journey is filled with specific examples for K-12 that align with the ASCA model.
Implementing and Maintaining a Quality CTE Academy:
The Counselor's Role

Mrs. Jodi Tillman, Public Schools Liaison, Florida Department of Education
Loretta Costin, Interim Chancellor, Career and Adult Education Division, Florida Department of Education
A complete overview of how to implement and maintain a quality Career Academy, including cohort planning and scheduling, integration of academics, industry certifications, CAPE funding list, statewide articulated credits, work based learning components, and benefits of Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSO's).
Strategies for Meeting the Needs of Foster Youth
and Promoting Their Success at School

Mrs. Evelyn Van Anda, Educational Liaison, Kids Central Inc.
Darlene Bell-Alexander , Senior Attorney, Children's Legal Services, DCF, Marion County
Understanding and meeting the needs of foster youth can be challenging, as well as working with the Child Welfare System. Attendees will become familiar with key elements in Child Welfare, including permanency goals for a child and how to support them. Attendees will understand legal impediments foster youth have, and the importance of engaging the families of children who are not currently living with them. Tips for helping foster youth succeed in school will be provided.
Plan your Work, Work Your Plan: Roadmaps to Academic Success
Ms. Laura Ache, Graduate Student/Academic Advisor, University of North Florida
Want to help students reach their academic potential? Session will provide an overview of the UNF Honors Academic Success program which allows students to explore their strengths and improve approaches to academics. Session includes: program structure, improvement data, and activities to implement in any academic setting.
The Ten Commandments of Customer Service
Mrs. Rebecca Heinzmann, School Counselor, Florida Virtual School
Mr. Lowell Moore, School Counselor, Florida Virtual School
School counselors are often viewed as the customer service agents of a school. When things go wrong, people turn to us. Providing a positive school experience is an essential element of a successful school. Learn best practices for delivering excellent customer service to external (students/parents) and internal (staff/administrators) clients.
Confronting Cyberbullying Among Students
Dr. Russell Sabella, Professor, Florida Gulf Coast University
Cyberbullying involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group, with the intention of harming others. This workshop focuses on helping you understand the nature of cyberbullying and provides helpful tips for working with bullies and victims.
How to Get Into College
Mrs. Teresa Snyder, School Counselor, Volusia/Deltona High School
Mr. Sean Richter, School Counselor, Volusia/Deltona High School
Presentation focuses on the facilitating the progression of high school students seeking admission to post-secondary education. Strategies to be presented include: Superintendent's Diploma of Distinction program, volunteerism, college visits, grade level counseling, small group parent meetings, and utilizing community resources.
iCARE for Action Research
Dr. Elizabeth Villares, Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Dr. Linda Webb, Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University
Discover how to strengthen your school counseling program by developing and implementing action research studies. Learn how using the iCARE Model draws on the humanistic principles of trust, empathy, valuing individuals, creativity, goal setting, self-reflection and exploration. The model also supports school counselor’s accountability efforts to document program effectiveness.
Implementing the ASCA Model at an FCAT-Focused School
Dr. Carolyn Berger, Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University
It can be challenging for counselors to implement counseling services in a test-driven environment. This presentation will show counselors how to link counseling interventions with test scores, how to sell the intervention to administrators, and how to measure the effects of the intervention on students’ test scores.
Working with Autism Spectrum Disorders in the School
Dr. C. Stephanie Carter, Assistant Professor, Argosy University
Carolyn Stone, Professor, University of North Florida Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) are characterized by impairments in socialization and communication, as well as patterns of restricted interests and behavioral rigidities, which affect child development in all areas. With the prevalence of ASDs on the rise, schools are charged to take action. Participants will be provided with detailed information on the current research and media trends in defining and servicing children diagnosed with an ASD.
March 2 Success
Mr. Nelson Castillo, Education Services Specialist, U.S. Army Recruiting Command - Tampa
March2Success helps students study for the FCAT, ACT, SAT, provides college planning tips, and a game designed to help on the SAT and ACT. Participants can expect to implement this program in their schools to help students prepare for standardized testing. 
Practical Strategies to Promote Positive Parent and School Relationships 
Ms. Carla Crumley-Forest, Professional School Counselor, Jax Beach Elem./Duval County
Ms. Judy Sheklin, Professinal School Counselor, Mayport Middle School/ Duval County
Presentation explores strategies to overcome barriers to positive communication between school staff and parents, such as family problems, students' special needs, and sensitive issues including ESE, RtI, gifted and 504 consideration. A variety of common parenting styles and methods for effective counselor/parent collaboration will be examined.
Careers, Character, and Clause!
Mrs. Laura Dunham, School Counselor, Broward/Broadview Elementary
Want a Career Program that combines careers with character education and incorporates the leadership of Santa Clause? Want a career program where guests call you so they can put it on their calendar and write letters of thanks to you? This new, unique program will make you a school hero!
Developing Resiliency: School Counselor Strategies for Students, Parents, and Staff
Ms. Khristi Keefe, SOAR Counselor, Duval County Public Schools
Dr. Chris Janson, Assistant Professor, UNF
Student resilience is an important factor for academic success and developing personal well-being. One element of resiliency proven to be critical is student engagement in school. This hands-on presentation will feature innovative and practical strategies school counselors can use with students, parents, and staff to develop student engagement.
Working with With Sexual Minority Youth
Dr. Samuel Sanabria, Faculty, Rollins College
Issues of sexual orientation and gender identity are relevant to multiple levels of the school community. Presentation will introduce sexual minority populations and current issues affecting LGBT students’ success in school. Presentation will also focus on the role of the school counseling when working with LGBT youth.

Poster Sessions

How to Incorporate Coping Strategies, as Well as a Character Education Component in Support Groups
Mrs. Hawanya Davis Render, elementary prevention specialist, Orange County Public Schools
Working With Resistant Students
Mr. Mathew Fontes, Counselor, Orange County
Interventions to Address Bullying
Mrs. Melissa Mariani, Doctoral Student Researcher/School Counselor, Florida Atlantic University/Diocese of Palm Beach
Strategies for High Achieving Students
Mr. Jason Orrock, Doctoral Fellow, University of Florida
Effective Transitioning
Dr. Sandy Cunningham, Middle School Guidance Program Planner, Palm Beach County School District
Christie Ragsdale, High School Guidance Program Planner, Palm Beach County School District
Judy Thomas, Compliance Specialist, Palm Beach County School District
Carmen Rosas, Elementary Guidance Program Planner, Palm Beach County School District
Grief Groups
Ms. Kaela Cromer, School Counselor, Lake County
Ms. Audra Gefter, School Counselor, Orange County - Union Park Middle School
What Should I Do? Making Sound Ethical Decisions
Dr. C. Stephanie Carter, Assistant Professor, Argosy University
Dr. Carolyn Stone, Professor, University of North Florida
Solution Focused Brief Counseling
Mr. Clifford Mack, School Counselor, Florida Bible Christian School
Peer Pressure
Mrs. Rachel Go, Student, Nova Southeastern University
Dr. Carolyn Berger, Professor, Nova Southeastern University
Career Exploration
Ms. Mia Heikkila, School Counseling Student and Intern at NOVA Southeastern Univers, Broward/North Fork Elementary
Dr. Carolyn Berger, Assistant Professor, NOVA Southeastern University

Use FSCA's 123 signup system to register for the convention, preconvention workshops, and the awards banquet. The system makes it as easy as 123! Register now. Need extra tickets to the awards banquet? Click here. Hotel information, click here.
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