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Monday, April 23, 2007

2007 ePEP with Major Areas of Interest Now Online

New 2007 ePEP with Major Areas of Interest Now Online!
The 2007 electronic Personal Education Planner (ePEP) is now online at for students entering 9th grade in 2007.  The new version of the high school planner includes major areas of interest and the new graduation requirements mandated last year in the A++ Plan for Education.


“The new ePEP with ‘majors’ challenges students to become more knowledgeable about their options, identify their interests and connect their high school studies with a chosen area of study,” said FACTS Executive Director Connie Graunke.  “Students can explore careers and assess their interests using the ‘Career Planning’ links at, then create an ePEP that maps out coursework based on goals they have identified for themselves.”
In addition to a major area of interest, students select one of four graduation plans: a college-preparatory plan, which meets state university admissions and Bright Futures Academic and Medallion Scholarship requirements; a career-preparatory plan, which prepares them for a career and to meet Bright Futures Gold Seal Vocational Scholarship requirements; a combined college- and career-preparatory plan, which prepares students for both; and the standard high school diploma plan, which meets state high school graduation requirements.
Middle school students who created an ePEP prior to the launch of the new version will be automatically converted to the 2007 ePEP.  However, to finish the process, students must complete a few steps, including selecting a major area of interest.  Affected students will be notified upon login and provided with the student instructions for completing the ePEP conversion.
Training for educators and guidance professionals is available via Training Services.  Multiple training opportunities on the 2007 ePEP are available, including:
1. Online, on-demand training on (click on Training Services, Online Training Modules);
2. Middle School Career and Academic Advising Workshops (to be held June – August for teachers of the new middle school career and education planning course; click here for required registration:; and
3. District or group trainings conducted by the training staff upon request.
To preview the 2007 ePEP, see below.  For more information about the ePEP and high school planning, go to


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