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Monday, March 05, 2007

January/February 2007 edition of the Tobacco Free Press

The Tobacco Control Network (TCN) is  pleased to announce the release of the January/February  2007 edition of the Tobacco Free Press.  This publication is sponsored in partnership with the  Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium (TTAC), the  National Association of Chronic Disease Directors  (NACDD), and the CDC's National Center for Chronic  Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. We welcome you  to pass on this newsletter to any of your colleagues who  may be interested. Please encourage them to sign up to  receive the newsletter directly by e-mailing <> . As always, please let us know if you have any  feedback or suggestions on how to make the  Tobacco Free Press a useful source of  information.  Remember to check the Tobacco Control Network  website <>  regularly, as we make continuous  additions to the materials and resources available.
   Second Hand Smoke
  • Lung cancer risk and workplace exposure to  environmental tobacco smoke  
  • Tobacco Assistance Legal Center introduces model  ordinances  
  • Tobacco Control Legal Consortium – Legal Update  January 2007  
  • Tobacco Control Legal Consortium – Legal Update  February 2007  
  • ANR launches updated Protect Local Control website  
  • Anti-smoking American milestone reached  
  • U.S. Capitol going smokefree!  
  • District of Columbia and Louisiana smokefree laws  take effect  
  • Council supports smoking ban in cars  
  • Minnesota secondhand smoke ad campaign asks ‘Are  You OK With That?’  
  • Fostering good child care: Take smoking outside  
  • EU could impose smoking ban across continent  
  • EU administrative office repeals smoking ban after  only 43 days  
  • Anti-smoking bans extended today
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Youth Prevention <>  
  • Annual Monitoring the Future survey: Decline in  daily smoking among younger teens has ended  
  • National survey: U.S. adults support new R-rating  for films with tobacco  
  • Family programs can help keep kids from smoking  
  • Teenagers’ perceptions of blindness related to  smoking- novel message to a vulnerable group  
  • Characteristics of social smoking among college  students  
  • Helping Young Smokers Quit offers a new literature  database on its Web site  
  • Increased dose of truth youth smoking  prevention campaign coming to a town near youNew York  County increases age for cigarette purchase  
  • Tobacco use among students aged 13-15 years in  Greece: The GYTS project  
  • United Kingdom smoking age limit to rise to  18
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Disparities <>  
  • Racial/Ethnic and socioeconomic differences in  multiple risk factors for heart disease and stroke in  women: behavioral risk factor surveillance system,  2003  
  • Socioeconomic status and trends in disparities in  4 major risk factors for cardiovascular disease among  US adults, 1971-2002  
  • Views on smoking cessation methods in ethnic  minority communities: A qualitative investigation  
  • Tobacco use and low-income African Americans:  Policy implications  
  • Beliefs about tobacco use in African Americans  
  • Ghettoizing outdoor advertising: Disadvantage and  ad panel density in black neighborhoods  
  • Reaching and treating Spanish-speaking smokers  through the National Cancer Institute's cancer  information service: A randomized controlled trial  
  • Smoking cessation for a pan-tribal native  population  
  • LGBT Tobacco Online Resource Library  
  • Anti-smoking experts urged to target gays  
  • Stop-smoking efforts reaching out to homeless  
  • Ontario takes direct aim at Aboriginal  smokers
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Cessation <>  
  • State Medicaid coverage for tobacco-dependence  treatments – United States, 2005  
  • Organization, financing, promotion, and cost of  U.S. quitlines, 2004  
  • Use of smoking cessation methods among smokers  aged 16-24 years, United States, 2003  
  • Anti-smoking campaigns: Gore works best  
  • Spot in brain may control smoking urge  
  • Nicotine dependence gene mapped to Chromosome 5  
  • Intensive care helps smokers quit, study finds  
  • Butt kicking may be harder if mom smoked during  pregnancy  
  • New National Business Group on Health Survey shows  majority of American employers believe they should  help employees quit smoking  
  • Employer-sponsored tobacco cessation programs are  inexpensive and effective  
  • Tools for health: The efficacy of a tailored  intervention targeted for construction laborers  
  • GlaxoSmithKline giveaway of nicotine replacement  therapy  
  • Nicogel in the hand a surrogate for tobacco in the  lungs  
  • Behind antismoking policy, influence of drug  industry  
  • Georgia slashes tobacco money used to combat  smoking  
  • Tobacco tax to pay for three tries at quitting  
  • Graphic smoking images approved  
  • Belgium wants to shock smokers out of their  habit
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Legislative Watch <>  
  • New push grows for FDA regulation of tobacco  
  • Anti-smoking group seeks more state prevention  spending  
  • Iowa smoking-ban bill advances  
  • Kansas smoking ban snuffed, for now  
  • Sheran leads push for smoking ban in Minnesota  
  • Mississippi passes bill to create and fund state  tobacco control program  
  • Nebraska senators debate statewide smoking ban  
  • New Jersey lawmakers to consider total casino  smoking ban  
  • NH takes first step to ban smoking in bars,  restaurants  
  • Ohio health department reveals proposed no-smoking  rules  
  • Bill for fire-safe cigarettes passes House panel  
  • Pennsylvania smoking ban bill sent to Senate  
  • Tennessee Governor’s plan draws mixed reaction  
  • Fight shaping up at Texas Capitol over proposed  smoking ban  
  • Senate gives preliminary OK to smoking measure  
  • Smoking ban not likely this year in Virginia  
  • ‘Smoking permitted’ sign legislation  
  • Ban on smoking in cars with kids passes Senate  
  • Doyle to seek statewide smoking ban, tobacco tax  hike  
  • Nepal drafts anti-tobacco legislation
  • [read more] <>   
Lawsuits <>  
  • Carolina Tobacco to pay $31 million in national  settlement  
  • Court tosses punitive damages against Big Tobacco  
  • Supreme Court agrees to take Philip Morris case  
  • Tobacco lawsuits now can proceed in federal court  in California  
  • Connecticut Supreme Court upholds smoking ban in  restaurants, bars  
  • Panel lets smoking ban stay in place  
  • Tobacco settlement nets Kentucky nearly $1 million  
  • Cigarette makers must fund cessation plan, court  says  
  • Supreme Court seeks government view in Maine  tobacco shipping case  
  • U.S. court won’t hear challenge to state cigarette  fee  
  • Smoking ban stands in Nevada, with modifications  
  • Court rejects South Korea’s first anti-tobacco  lawsuits  
  • Supreme Court of Canada to hear tobacco  advertising case
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Excise Taxes <>  
  • Tobacco tax fact sheets available  
  • Analysis of pre-election field polls regarding  Proposition 86, the tax on cigarettes initiative  
  • Indiana cigarette tax increase of 54.5 cents  advances  
  • Maryland lawmakers propose cigarette tax increase  to fund health care programs  
  • Mississippi passes bill to raise cigarette taxes  
  • Oregon cigarette tax clears key hurtle  
  • Cigarette tax increases take effect in South  Dakota and Texas  
  • Anti-smoking forces attack on several legislative  fronts
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Tobacco Industry  News <>  
  • Harvard study confirms tobacco companies increased  nicotine levels in cigarettes, highlights need for FDA  regulation of tobacco  
  • Avoiding "truth": Tobacco industry promotion of  life skills training  
  • Tobacco firms may cut payments to states - report  
  • States’ responses differ in response to decline in  Master Settlement funds  
  • Philip Morris breaks promise not to fight  smoke-free laws even as evidence grows of health risks  from secondhand smoke  
  • Philip Morris USA raises prices on smaller brands  
  • University of Virginia receives $25 million for  Philip Morris  
  • Altria Group, Inc. to spin-off Kraft Foods, Inc.  
  • Imperial Tobacco to buy Commonwealth to enter  United States  
  • RJ Reynolds gets over the ‘hump’ with Camel No. 9  for women  
  • Godfrey Philips launches slim cigarettes
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Health Effects of  Tobacco <>  
  • Study finds association between tobacco smoking  and increased risk of tuberculosis  
  • Families face heart risks as men smoke at home  
  • Switching to smokeless tobacco no cure  
  • Exposure to secondhand smoke and biomarkers of  cardiovascular disease risk in never-smoking  adults
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Other News <>  
Save the Date <>  
  • States of Change: Exploring How to Facilitate  Tobacco-Free Environments and Communities through  Policy and Systems Change  
  • Evidence-Based Public Health: A Course in Chronic  Disease Prevention  
  • 3rd National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender  and Intersex Health Summit  
  • The 6th National Tobacco Symposium on Young Adults  
  • Kick Butts Day 2007  
  • 17th Annual Art and Science of Health Promotion  Conference  
  • Clearing the Air: An Institute for Policy  Advocacy, IV  
  • Wisconsin Tobacco Control & Prevention  Conference  
  • The National Association of Local Boards of Health  Conference  
  • 5th LGBT Tobacco Summit  
  • 2007 National Conference on Tobacco or Health  
  • Society for Public Health Education Annual Meeting  
  • American Public Health Association Annual  Meeting
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Requests for Proposals/Job  Announcements <>  
  • American Legacy Foundation  
  • Health Education Specialist CDC Office on Smoking  and Health, Program Services Branch  
  • Development Manager Global Tobacco Control  Initiative Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium  
  • Health Education Consultant I California  Department of Health Services  
  • Project Manager National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,  Transgender Tobacco Control Network  
  • Manager of Health and Social Marketing  Communications Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota  
  • Community Education Specialist Drexel University  
  • Associate Director of Field Operations Campaign  for Tobacco-Free Kids  
  • Associate Director of Advocacy Campaign for  Tobacco-Free Kids  
  • Director of Cessation Services Ohio Tobacco  Prevention Foundation  
  • Director of Research International Advocacy  Resource Center Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids  
  • Manager for Cessation Services American Legacy  Foundation
  • [read more] <>
Data/Reports <>  
  • Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: Annual state  tobacco control spending report  
  • Tobacco use among adults - United States, 2005  
  • Tobacco-related diseases to take high toll, study  finds  
  • China warned of rising tobacco use  
  • Smoking costs China 250 billion Yuan last  year
  • [read more] <>
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