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Sunday, March 04, 2007

15 Seconds of Fame: Videos of Teens Misbehaving

15 Seconds of Fame: Videos of Teens Misbehaving

Videos of teens fighting, pulling off stunts and generally misbehaving are becoming so common place that there are actually sites dedicated to each of these unruly acts like Police are also assigning personnel to watch videos on YouTube and other popular posting spots to help catch culprits and keep track of the latest trends, The New York Times reports (you'll have to probably register to read this article). While teens acting up is nothing new, using a camera phone to record the proceedings to post on the web hoping for instant celebrity is. Students are goading teachers into tantrums just so they can film them in the act. The actions of classmates, caught in private moments like eating, sleeping, kissing and going to the bathroom are also showing up online. It's important to tell students that these kinds of actions have consequences and can come back to haunt them. They also need to be reminded that "what comes around, goes around" or in other words, no one is immune to being displayed in public out of context or doing what could be perceived as a criminal act. They are all in this together and once it up on the Web, it can be forever if someone keeps a copy. College and future employers may also be looking online as well as district attorneys.

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