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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Student Services Week in Florida


325 W. GAINES STREET SUITE 514 TALLAHASSEE, FL 32399-0400 (850) 245-0509

        Student Services Week in Florida
        We are pleased to announce that February 5-11, 2007, is established as Student Services Week  in the state of Florida. This provides an opportunity for school personnel to focus attention on  the support services that are provided by school counselors, school nurses, school social  workers, school psychologists, and career education staff. 

        Student Services programs are an integral part of the total public education system. Student  Services professionals work together to assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and  competencies needed to master the Sunshine State Standards and make well-reasoned and  healthy lifelong decisions. It is important to recognize that academic performance is impacted  by developmental factors (i.e., readiness and parental involvement) and school and community  factors (i.e., safe school environment, learning environment, teachers, and staff). An extensive  and growing body of research demonstrates the value of providing supportive programs and  services in order to increase student achievement. In turn, addressing the mental and physical  health needs of students enhances school attendance, reduces behavior problems, and improves  interpersonal skills. This enables students to learn and teachers to teach, and strengthens the  bond between families and schools, thus maximizing student achievement.

        Student Services professionals have the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to reduce  barriers to learning and assist classroom teachers, parents, and community agencies in  providing a safe and positive learning environment for all children. School improvement teams  can use Student Services resources to facilitate the school and/or district improvement plans.

        To foster recognition and appreciation of the contributions of Student Services professionals, we  encourage your district to support the role of Student Services by developing local activities to  inform citizens of the many ways that these services contribute to the educational success and  personal development of all students. The national professional associations for Student Services  offer information relative to their services. The Web sites listed below provide ideas to  incorporate planning activities for Student Services Week: 

Thank you for the leadership that you are providing to strengthen the roles of Student Services  professionals with teachers, students, and families in your district. If you have questions related to  Student Services Week activities or programs, please contact Bettye Hyle. 

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